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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Good Stuff

Lots of good stuff going on.

For one thing, it's now less than four weeks until the dealers, cocktail waitresses and pit critters of Las Vegas will be faced with the eye-rollingly silly antics of the WPBT. I'm getting more excited by the day. I love Vegas. I mean I love it like a fat kid loves an underattended birthday party.

Time to get some lines up on stupid prop bets.


It's been a good weekend at the tables, not only for me but for a bunch of people.

Friday night, I hit up a couple of tourneys with the Poker Princess. I finished 10th in the PLO8 event, while she went on to bigger and better things, final tabling the HORSE guarantee.

Yesterday was even sweeter. I think I mentioned the other day that I freerolled into a big tourney. It was a $200+16 event with $100k guaranteed. I managed to scrape my way to 48th of 500 some for a nice little $354 payday.

I don't have many hands of interest to comment on -- I cruised along early, but was rather card dead after the second break. Early in the 3rd hour, I got a much needed doubleup with JJ in the BB vs. a button push with 88. A couple hands later this happened: A shortish stack pushes UTG. I have AcKc in MP and reraise to isolate. It works. UTG flips his cards: 6h 4h. W. T. F!

The flop: 753, all red. I couldn't be drawing more dead if I were Terrell Owens with a sharpie.

That hurt. I didn't see many more cards. The last hour and half was push-or-fold and I scraped past the bubble by stealing every once in a great while. 54 paid. Once we were in the money, I doubled once when forced all in with some junk like J5o, then ran the tourist on the button into the BB's pocket threes. Game over.

Oh, well.

Free money is still good.

I also had the pleasure of watching Drizz cash in the Full Tilt Online Poker Series PLO8 event, winning himself a nice stack of bills for what was originally a tiny sit-n-go buyin.

Capped the day off by watching Boobie Lover take down a trip to the Pokerstars Carribean Adventure.

Nice job guys.


I also earned myself another citation in the "Evidence that I'm a Dumbass" file.

I randomly signed up for a cheap supersatellite on Full Tilt while I was playing the tournament and watching Drizz. I ended up winning it, giving me a seat in the Satellite. I hadn't bothered to check what it was.

Turns out, it's a $50+5 satellite to FTOPS Event #2, the $200+16 double stack holdem event. The satellite is at 1:30 ET today, the event at 6:00 ET.

I probably can't play either one, since it's more than 50/50 that I have family obligations. Too bad, because the satellite currently pays 60 entries with 257 runners, and the FTOPS has a $500k guarantee (702 runners at the moment).

Maybe I can rearrange my calendar, maybe I can't. But I'm still a dumbass for playing a tournament without looking to see what the prize was.


Time to go do weekend stuff. It's amazing how an entire day can slip by when all you do is sit around and play (FOR FREE, SIRS) online and watch college football. Good times.


Annie said...

It really hurts.... such nice AK... I'm really dying in such cases.

Drizztdj said...

Thanks Mike!

One thing about FT is they don't offer the W$ or T$ like Stars does, I'm not entirely sure I would have played the event if given the option.

In hindsight of course it was very profitable :P