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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Please Send That Cup Via Federal Express

Grumble grumble ... stupid worst hand in hold'em ... grumble ... pocket aces on the button ... rsnfrsnrsnfrsn ... worst possible move, getting it all in preflop against GCox's QQ ... grumble ... [censored] river card ... grrrrrr ... AGFKAJHLEKGFLJGFL:KWEKJFHEWKHGLF! [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored]!

Why does it always have to be the [censored] river?

So. Tilted.

Okay, I'm better.

Nothing but the bad beat grumble this morning. Standard, since this is a crappy and dying poker blog.

Nice job, Mookie, raising a bunch of money for a deserving kid and a family that's trying to overcome a real bad beat.


slb159 said...

I lost QQ to A's twice two nights Why can't I win with those bitches! Arrggggg. I like Dug's banner he fired up for you. See you at the tables.
Best of luck.

mookie99 said...

Ouch....tough hand last night.

Thanks so much for playing in the tourney.