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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Off The Deep End

I have a decidedly uninteresting life, which is one reason I tend not to get too much into the details when blogging. Every once in a while, though, it's weird enough that I'll violate that principle. And others if necessary.

I'm sure that recounting dreams on your blog qualifies you as at least ubergeigh, but I'll bore you with the short version of one anyway, if only because I don't ever recall being so freaked out when I woke up. Usually, I don't even remember the details, even though they're always plenty vivid while they're happening. I think I was disturbed by this one because it involved the afterlife, which is never, ever involved. I prefer to ignore my own mortality.

We'll pick things up after a plane crash involving a couple other people I don't remember. There is a bright light, and we're greeted in a fairly antiseptic waiting room. In answer to my question, we're told that it's true, we can't go back. So we move along.

Oddly enough, the exit appears to be into a casino of some sorts. People are playing table games. I run into my father, who's just sitting down to a poker game. He wasn't on the plane and he doesn't play poker. He pulls out this brick of chips. They're all stuck together in one piece, but it doesn't matter. Everyone has one in front of them. Somehow, the pot is always right.

How do you suppose they DO that?

I woke up before figuring it out.

Oh, and what do you suppose I ever did to 1992 Olympic medalist Shannon Miller to cause her to take over the plane, commando style, and crash it into my childhood home? I'm pretty sure I had no idea who Shannon Miller even was. I had to google her this morning to find out -- I'm not joking.

Shut up. I'm going to go take my mind off things by fixing this:

Weekends are good, even when they're kinda creepy.


Moving along to other yesterday activities, prior to watching Michigan State perform a world-class choke job against Notre Dame, I got in a few bunch of hands. Early returns were extremely bad, as I got pounded. Dropped three short PLO buyins when getting it in against what turned out to be a better hand. Switched over to some limit HE and went on a heater, picking up 15-20 BBs in short order.

End result was a down day, but not as bad as it was. This after a Friday night where I got killed early before making a major comeback and finishing in the black.

I still have to accumulate 128 MPPs to finish clearing my last stacked Interpoker bonus, so I'll be playing a bunch more over the next couple days.


Time to make the biscuits.


Anonymous said...

Quite a dream. In your dreams you can't whoop a 5 foot nothing gymnasts ass? Terrible way to go down. State game was classic. Let's see we have a guy that has carried the ball 8 times for 111 yards and scored a touchdown. When we need to run a ball control offense to finish the game, lets not give him the ball. WTF fire John L. Coaching decisions forced the quarterback into bad situations. I not a state fan anyway but still it was painful to watch.

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