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Saturday, August 12, 2006


As if I needed more reasons to be a fan of Full Tilt Poker. With their WSOP pick the winners contest, not only did I win $3, I also won a hat. Which, happily, is supposed to be paid in Full Tilt Points so you can order it from the store. I wonder if they'll be mad if I use them for something else instead...


Also picked up a buyin at the PLO table last night, almost bringing me back to even for the week. The omatards were out in full force -- at a full ring $50 game, there were four players with stacks of $12 or less. Nothing says "I hate money" quite like playing a pot or no limit game without a stack. Especially on Titan, home of the worst players on the internet.


Hopefully I'm off of golf tilt for the moment. Two bad rounds, a poor front nine today, finally fixing a few things on the back nine.


And thus concludes the worst post ever. Maybe I can fix it later.

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