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Monday, August 28, 2006


I wish I knew how long this stretch was going to last.

What kind of stretch, you ask? How about the stretch where you just can't win a hand? I went through this in November and early December of last year leading into the WPBT Winter Classic. Very depressing. And now, it's back.

I don't play perfect poker. I can admit that. But sometimes you do and it STILL doesn't matter.

Found a very appealing $100 PLO game on Crypto tonight. Lots of chips in play. Some very sketchy calls being made.

I play a hand correctly, flopping the nut straight on a non-threatening board, potting it on the flop and turn, the latter of which puts me all in. Donk calls as a 3.5-1 underdog, getting exactly 2-1. Of course he hits his crappy full house. Rebuy!

Versus same donk, turn the nut flush. Another monster pot. Do you think the board pairs on the river? Does a bear crap in the goddamned woods?

Yes, I'm on tilt.

About two minutes from now, I'm cashing out every cent I have online.

Going to play around to my big blind.

This is not me, but it could be right now. It's also about my favorite thing on teh internet right now.

By the way, thanks Pokerstars for the high comedy last night. I didn't really want to play that Moneymaker Freeroll that I signed up for. It was really kind of you to give me AA on the very first hand and a caller with 77 when I instashoved. You didn't need to save the drama for the river card, but I really enjoyed the fact that it was an engraved invitation to shut down the [censored] computer and go kick some puppies or something.

Good thing that I was just going to push until I busted and go to sleep right away.


DuggleBogey said...

That guy is a serial spammer!

I feel for ya. I was playing PLO8 at Party last night and there was a donkey absolutely SPEWING cash and I couldn't get a dime of it.

Drizztdj said...

Take the beats you get in hold em' multiple them by a factor of number of guys Tara Reid has slept with and you'll get Omaha.

You know how sick this game is.

I think you got the patience to get thru this man. If not, I'll enjoy a dial-a-shot with you to de-tilt.

Falstaff said...

My streak is on three weeks. BadBlood referred to it as "click and lose" in a post. I've moved on to computer D&D games for a week or so to get my head straight.