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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Picture Post

Since I don't really have much to say at the moment, how about a few pictures?

This is what my car said yesterday after about an hour in the sun. It was exaggerating (perhaps in protest) -- the air temp was really only about 97. This is the part of summer I do not like.

I was reading through my usual assortment of blogs the other day, and noted some pimping by Presdlee of his wife's paintings. You know what? She's good. (No, I'm not saying that I know anything about art). I really like this one. Her blog is here and has more pictures of her paintings.

Wading through the latest uberpost from the Blogfather, I saw this one and nearly spit Coca Cola out through my nose.

(apparently it adjusts to your location. Pretty slick.}

Really, the fact that do often play at Titan Poker has nothing to do with Joanna Krupa, their official spokesbabe. Really.

But if you want to, that's OK. You can even hit me up on the email for a bonus code.

P.S.: Thanks to the WSOP bloggers for providing updates on random non-celebrities like Joanna.

I think I'm going to stop here. It's supposed to rain tonight, and hopefully that will mean cooler temperatures. Good thing too -- It's crazy festival week here, culminating Saturday, when 250,000 people cram themselves into our little 12,000 person town to watch what is quite probably the best fireworks show in a ten state area. I wouldn't want to be down there if it's 95 degrees.


BG said...

My "Jail & ___" picture says "Wayne, PA." I'm guessing there's a little script in there that points it to somewhere close.

Why are you selling your house? Are we really consolidating blogger power on the East Coast as per the prophecy? Or have the beats from Justin taken their toll?

Kristin Lee Painting's said...

Thank you very much for linking me up and I am glad that you liked the paintings. A few years back I worked for a golf course in Virginia Beach and painted three golfing murals on their clubhouse walls. The golfing scenes are very fun to paint and are always popular with golfers. Thanks again and have a great day.