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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Obligatory Bad Poker Content

Resolution time: Unless it's unavoidable, no more torturing myself playing hold'em, especially limit ring games.

Spent a couple hours last night trying to do the monthly bonus at Will Hill. I just flat have no luck getting big pairs to hold up there. Same old story -- play aggressively, get called down by inferior hands, lose by suckout. As annoying as it is to have to play a $100PL or NL game to get the same deal as those playing $1/$2 limit, if I do this bonus again I'm definitely sticking to PLO.

Speaking of PLO, if in fact I had the time and bankroll, I could play pretty much straight through to the end of the month just on the Cryptos, clearing bonuses. In addition to Will Hill, there's the monthly $100 at Interpoker -- I have a couple months stacked up and haven't had the funds to deposit for August yet -- plus I got a really good 'come back' offer from one of the other sites that requires 600 raked hands. I haven't quite figured out how i'm going to move the mini-bankroll around fast enough to hit all of these, but I plan to give it a shot.

And then there's the slow clearing Titan bonus, a small Full Tilt bonus, at least one stacked Stars bonus ... hey, at least Party (Bonus Code: IGGY) hasn't bothered to offer anything. Gotta have some time for sleep.

Speaking of sleep, the people who are blogging the WSOP aren't getting any. Great work by Pauly, Otis, CJ and company, CC and the crew. They never stop.


Drizztdj said...

Penny poker >>>>> bonus chasing

Klopzi said...

Hey THG -

If you're looking to build the roll up quickly to allow for easier money-shuffling, why not clear a couple months worth of InterPoker bonuses over at InterCasino. Fast and easy...

As for the Crypto limit tables, they can be pretty rough, eh? A strange mixture of rocks and maniacs.

See ya around.

chip_up said...

You could probably get a lot of hands in on six-handed tables. By the way, classy name for your blog.