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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Not Found In Any Book

Over the past couple sessions, I've found myself with a problem that I don't remember being addressed in any of the handful of poker books I've read: How to deal with entirely uncooperative cards.

I played a few hours of PLO on Thursday at Party (including a nice long stretch with Drizz and April). The LAG experiment is probably headed for the dustbin, as it was largely unsuccessful. I did have two monsters, but didn't get paid off on either, and it was no big surprise that I got stacked in a monster 4-way pot: I flopped the nut straight with junk with a weak redraw to a higher straight, the idiot player to my right had the same hand, Drizz had monster flush draws, and April had a set with a redraw to a better straight, which hit on the river.

Other than that, however, it was mostly a bunch of this: Raise with AKQJ double suited, watch board come 2282x, none of my suits on the flop, fold. Raise with AA63 double suited, watch flop come T87 single suited (not mine), fold. Wash, rinse, repeat.


Took a break from the online game and went to the track for some charity 3/6 limit holdem last night. I was impressed to see that they found a way to suck money from your wallet even faster than usual: Not only did they have the $5 max rake, the tables were seven handed. What the?

In two and a half hours or so, I 'won' exactly one pot: I had J5s in the big blind, saw a free flop, it was checked down four ways, a Jack came on the turn (as well as flush and straight possibilities). I split with a guy who'd limped with J5o. Woooo!

Other than the above hand, I went to showdown three times: I correctly figured a guy for nothing, but his limped J8o proved to be mightier than my BB top pair special of JTo. I also got to check it down with 88 on a board with two overs on the flop, losing to T9o. On the last hand I was all in with TT on the button in a 7-way pot. A guy playing the tourist (A7o) made a boat, and I was walking away before the river came.

With the shorthanded table -- people coming in and out or walking meant that there were plenty of 5 and 6 player hands -- I figure I paid about $50 in blinds. I received exactly two pocket pairs, TT and 88. No aces with a face kicker. Two suited connectors, JTs and 43s. Other than that, unplayable junk.

I felt like I had good reads on the other players, but that didn't help one bit. When you have six opponents who rarely if ever fold, and sure won't fold if they catch any piece, you have to have one of your potential monsters hit.

So I walked away. That was enough of a Great Lakes BeatDown. There will be other days.

I will say that I was a little irked to see the one hand (and only one hand) I would have won if I'd called it all the way down: I folded 42o on the button to a raise. The other six saw the flop. I would have been long gone, despite the 2 on the flop, but the 2 on the turn and 4 on the river would have been worth about a seventy-five dollar pot.

In the interest of ensuring non-tilt, I think I might take a couple days off. Maybe.

1 comment:

Drizztdj said...

I think I managed to lose 4 buy-ins that night.

Pretty much par for the course over this past week.