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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Michigan 'Pride'

This isn't L.A. or New York. This is Michigan, where eight out of ten people surveyed fear losing their jobs and half expect to end up pushing a shopping cart full of empty pop bottles (ten cent deposit) down to Kroger to make the rent.

Despite the general pessimism, there are a number of fine poker bloggers -- a veritable pride of young blogging lions -- cranking out content for your reading pleasure. Since I've never gotten around to creating a separate section in my blogroll, here's a crib sheet:

Bobby Bracelet (Farmington Hills) - Since his more prolific brother left us for another section of the Rust Belt, Bobby B is the Michigan blogger with the biggest following. And how -- the ladies can't get enough of reading about his multiply-confirmed massive junk, thoughts on the many types of douchebags and adventures in celebrity spotting. Bobby's also one of the most charitably minded bloggers, so help him help out a little girl and buy yourself some cool poker schwag in the process.

Lord Geznikor (Grand Rapids) - He's been around for a long time, but has been missing in action for almost a year ... until this weekend. Lord G offers an often amusing, sometimes cringe-inducing story of a guy who just doesn't fit in the 9-to-5 world.

Royal (Midland area) - Royal is a darned good player and one of the most successful at blogger events when he has time to play. I had the chance to meet him during the June '05 WPBT Las Vegas extravaganza. He's a good guy, a family man and will kick your butt if you're weak/tight.

Columbo - Columbo's got wrist issues, but that hasn't stopped him from putting up multi-part series of posts. He's a deep thinker and a very solid player.

2HoleCards - Nick (mtdewvirus) is from over on the east side somewhere, although he can periodically be found fleecing tourists in casinos up in da Yoo Pee. He's rung up some nice scores, but seems to be focusing more on non-poker areas of his life right now. Good for him, I think.

Wolverine Fan (Montrose) - Wolverine Fan's interests are right up front: Poker and golf. He's also a U of M fan and is probably reading Mgoblog right now. My kind of guy. It looks like he got involved in 'organized' poker through his daughter.

SteelerJosh - I don't know much about SteelerJosh, despite having played in a couple events with him. He's moving to Michigan, which might lead some to question his sanity -- but not me, since he's moving on up, coming from Ohio and all.

Poker Pros:

Peter "Nordberg" Feldman (Harper Woods) - Nordberg is a highly successful poker pro. You've probably seen him on TV. He also has a blog.

Bob Ciaffone and Tom McEvoy also have Michigan ties, but I haven't bothered to look for sites for them, let alone blogs.

Special Mention:

Boy Genius - BG may have left recently for Pennsylvania, but his archives are still loaded with Michigan content. Plus, he's got family here. So brew yourself a gallon of coffee, shut off the phone for the afternoon and go read. If you've only got a few minutes, you could check out Mike, the third blogging member of the clan, who rarely posts and even more rarely posts about poker. He'll still take your cash in a home game if you let him.

DNasty13 - DNasty's blog is titled 'Poker Detroit Style', even though he's bailed on us for the warm breeze and palm trees of Florida. Turkey. You'll find D crushing the Mookie tournament on Wednesdays.

Random Google Finds:

Paul McLalin (Mt. Pleasant) - college student at CMU and underage poker pro. Oh, those crazy college kids. Just getting going on his blog.

This list is a work in progress -- if I've missed any, please comment below. Thanks.


Huge Junk said...

But you didn't profile yourself.

How does one write a report on Michigan poker blogging and not mention themselves, speak in the third person, and talk about their junk?

I'm confused. Have you not learned anything?

D said...

Poker Detroit Style will be returning to Detroit in May 07. Nice Michigan Pride post. Looks like we have enough people to have a Michigan Blogger get together.

Wolverine Fan said...

Thanks for the mention.
Here's another one,

don't know much about him. Pretty good blog.
You need to tell more work stories. I love them!!
Going out to break 80 tomorrow. Wish me luck. :-)