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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Wow, you look a lot happier than the last time I saw you!
-- Bank teller this afternoon when I stopped in to cash a check

Really? Huh.

I had to laugh. If I was in a bad mood today, I must have been really pissy the last time I stopped in.

I remember when I was a generally upbeat person.


This is the portion of the post where I’m supposed to recite how great I am at the game of poker, right?

Not going to happen.

In fact, last night’s Mookie was probably a career lowlight. I got outplayed on a couple hands and went on tilt. With plenty (800ish) of chips left, I said ‘awwfukkit’ and called an all in only getting 2-1 on my money.

With a flopped flush draw. T5s. No other outs.


Thank goodness.

I’m going to have to stop playing the Mookie. It has nothing to do with Mookie or the tournament, which is a good time. It’s just a fact that I don’t have the patience to play tournament poker late in the evening. By the 10:00 pm start time, I’m about done. So no more Mookies, at least for a while.


I partially justified my horrendous call by observing (truthfully) that the tournament was distracting me from the two PLO tables I had up. It’s a weak justification, but there you have it.


After kicking around the various bonus-clearing options available, I decided to test out the Party $25 PLO tables and managed to grind through about 2/3 of the required hands. Finished up about $10, but it should have been better. I made one bad decision which cost me most of a buyin – I flopped the nut straight with a weak redraw and got popped on the river by an aggressive button. I correctly figured that he had a set and the board didn’t pair, but I discounted the possibility that he had a gutshot as well, which he did and which hit.

The Party game is a little different than on Titan. I observed a lot more nut-peddling (versus calling with any piece) and was able to steal a number of small pots with nothing more than air and position.

I want to try out a more LAGgish style and I think free Party money is the perfect chance to do it. Results were mixed on try #1, but some of that is due to the fact that I wasn’t, well, all that LAGgy. It’s hard to overcome conditioning, and I’ve conditioned myself to be fairly tight. Too much limit hold’em, I guess.

Anyway, I’ve got about a hundred hands to go. We’ll see if I manage to blow it.


Not much else happening as the week limps along. I’m giving some thought to going up to the track for a little live charity poker action, since I still have the bill I brought with me to Canterbury.


Klopzi said...

You're bound to run into nut-peddlers when Party gives out free bonus money and you happen to sit at a low stakes table: everyone's just trying to grind out their raked hands.

mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing last night. Hope you will be join us again sometime in the future.