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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'll Take That, Thanks

Back in action last night. Dropped about a third of a buyin playing PLO before I realized that I wasn't in the right state of mind and the table wasn't very good. So I quit. This is progress.

About that time, I realized that Party Poker has been dishing out some more free 'come back' cash. I logged on and found that I had not one but TWO batches of free money.

I like free money.

The first bonus, though, was dumb. $10 free, good in the casino only, $10 wagering requirement. I enjoy a good game of rigged dollar blackjack, so I played forty or fifty hands. Never got above $12, was as low as $3, but I came back and finished at $11. Cha-ching!

Of course, I can't withdraw that money, but now I can use it in the poker room, where another was $40 waiting. I only have to play 400 hands before I can cash anything out. Just to make sure it was real, I played about two orbits of $25NL, lost ten cents, got bored and quit. More progress.

Now all I have to do is decide how I'm going to play 387 hands in the next nine days on a $50 bankroll. What should it be? $0.50/$1.00 limit? $25NL? Should I take it to the $25PLO tables and gambool with the omatards? Tough decision.

It's not as if I have no other bonuses to work on, either. I have a few hundred hands left to clear at Titan -- where I'll be a 'Silver VIP' next month, for whatever that's worth -- as well as a pending bonus at Full Tilt, one at Stars that I may never get to, a few stacked Crypto bonuses, etc, etc.

You think I need to play more?

I think my goal for the next month or so is to run good to try and build up a little bit of a bankroll, so that I can move money around like I used to. I'm handicapped in trying to clear all these bonuses because funds are tied up at one or two sites until I'm done there -- I don't have a reserve just waiting to be deployed. In fact, that's cost me a few bonus opportunities lately. Thanks to recent success at Titan I'm getting there, but there's always the looming threat of a necessary withdrawal. Who knows.

Anyway, any mental recharging that I did by being out of town quickly vanished and it's back to the same depressing slog. At least I have a little reading and some cards to look forward to...


C.L. Russo said...

Play it on a .50/1 limit table. That way, I can win it and the rest of your stack from you!

Just a suggestion.

C.L. Russo said...

Hey, I just noticed you've linked to my blog! Thanks! I will return the favor directly.

Um, my previous suggestion still stands though.

Klopzi said...

With only $50 to your name on Party, 0.50/1 full ring limit is the safest. You've got enough to play at a couple tables, anyway.

I've got $30 waiting for me on Party, but I'm forcing myself to play the 3/6 tables cuz I'm an idiot. I also have some extra money I can bring in to help absorb the short-term variance.

D said...

I dont grind with free money, I take shots at MTT. I won once and was able to cash out all my money except the original free money.

Try that its free money anyways...

D said... link was retarded. Anyway its in my May 06 archive