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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Real Donkeys

I hope you don't read the previous post the wrong way. I'm not calling Fuel55 a donkey (or any other name). We're cool. The point is that you can look at that hand from either perspective and understand why it was played the way it was. I'm pretty sure that neither of us played it optimally.

Now, if you want proof that I really am a donkey, here you go:

Early rounds of the DADI. Presdlee raises pot in middle position, folds around to me in the big blind. I have 97o. Because it is my personal favorite hand -- isn't that the best possible reason? -- I call.

(Those sirens going off in the background are just a test of the emergency donkey alert system. Really. It's just a test.)

Flop is K86 with two clubs. I'm not sure about the K, I am sure about the other cards. I check, the Prez leads weakly (less than the pot) at it, and I call. Neither of my cards is a club.

(I sure wish they'd shut off those sirens. I'm getting a headache already.)

The turn is the 5c. I check, the Prez leads again, this time with more authority. I smell something fishy and call with my straight.

(Hey, now we have flashing red lights too. This IS just a test, right?)

The river is a meaningless brick -- an offsuit 2, I believe. We each have a couple hundred chips left.

Check. Check.

(Huh, now there is an audible "hee-haw" sound that's overriding the sirens)

9-high straight is good.


To his credit, the Prez comes roaring back and goes on to finish 2nd. I leave cashless and have to get up to go to work in the morning.

Hee. Haw.


presidentdavelee said...

Yeah, glad I saved myself a couple of chips that first time. I can't even remember what I had on that hand, but I do remember the hand. Great game though, couple tough beats near the end.

Drizztdj said...

Hold Em' != Omaha

Now stop playing like a wuss and start winning again!