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Monday, May 29, 2006

Picture, 1k Words

The evening in a nutshell:

Sigh. Third best. And yes, the money all went in pre-flop.

This is about three hands after I lose most of my stack after flopping a flush with J3s in the BB and pushing -- KsQx calls and catches on the river.

Also about five minutes after busting out of the DADI with QQ vs 99, then 88 vs AQo.

I believe the kids call this "STANDARD".

Just another night at the tables.

{ps: If you don't whine about a bad beat every once in a while, you get your donkey card revoked}

1 comment:

Chilly said...

The Commision for Donkey Rights Granting Authority has read your story and has renewed your Donkey Card through 2008.

Carry on.