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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Night of The Living J-Rag

Home game last night, set up by BG's brother M to provide the Bluffing Genius with a little pocket money for his move away from this small pond. Ten players was the high water mark, down to four at the end. The game of choice was of course NL Holdem, small stakes cash gameplay money style. There were rumblings about some Pineapple or Omaha, but the refusal of one player pretty much shut those out.

Anyway, it was a frustrating evening. We were three hours in before I saw a pocket pair. When I get one, it's tens, ace and king on the flop, buh bye. I did receive AA shortly thereafter, which held up unimproved for a modest pot despite a paired board that also had three hearts.

Mostly, it was unplayable hand after unplayable hand. I had K5o no less than six times -- it's one of those hands like the hammer that gets played in this game, so I was keeping track. I had J6o five times in the first hour. Just that kind of night. Frustrating.

Still, with just a modest amount of luck, I would have found myself even instead of down a buyin:

{No, I'm not paying anyone a damned dollar, it's not that bad of a beat. Just don't read it}

I'm in the small blind with 86o. I'm bored and have loosened up my starting hand requirements ever so slightly to any two with a gap of four or less. It's folded to me and I just complete ($0.10/$0.20 monopoly money blinds).

The big blind is the host, an aggressive player who's not having a good night. He raises fifty cents. It's an easy call, since my opponent could easily have any two.

Flop is 7 - 9 - 10 with two diamonds. There is $1.40 in the pot.

I check, Host pushes all in for about $15.00. He has me covered, I have about $10.50 left.

It takes less than two nanoseconds for me to call, since there is no way he pushes with J8, and I really doubt that he's got a set, not that it'd stop me if he did. I was planning to checkraise all in if he bet at it.

Host flips KJo. I'm a 70/30 favorite. His jack is a diamond.

Turn Ad, river Kd.


That was the only action of any note for me, since I continued to get junk. Even when I made silly calls preflop (or raised J7s), I caught no piece. No pair, no draws other than maybe something backdoor. There were opportunities to double up -- by the end, the standard raise was absurdly large, and BG was amusing himself by playing hands blind and running over the table just by controlling the pot size.


I stayed up way too late Friday trying to hit one of the PokerStars 5 Billion Hands prizes, and spent some time at it again yesterday. I think the closest I came was one that was 71 hands away -- Facty was also present for that one. I missed the last few and the big one due to the home game.

Suggestion to Stars (and all other poker sites): Love the promotion, but why not have it mean something? I've read about syndicates being formed for the purpose of just cranking through hands, folding every hand to the BB. At least one of those groups (allegedly) even won.

Why would you want to reward this kind of behavior?

It's just another form of collusion.

If you this again in the future, why not slap a "played for real" requirement on the winning hand? Sure there are going to be hands folding around, but when it's hand after hand, that's a pretty obvious tipoff.

1 comment:

Drizztdj said...

I counted no less then 12 tables that had 5 or 6 people "sitting out" that would suddenly come back once the warnings of another bingo hand in 10 minutes.

I got within a couple hundred of a pay off, but no Lee Jones Bucks :(