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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I love Party! I kinda hate Party!

You know it's grim when you shut down the computer for the night and think to yourself "Wow! An actual winning session!"


A couple weeks back Party gave me $75 provided that I played 750 raked hands in about ten days. No problem - I even managed to avoid going busto. A late session where I really, really shouldn't have been playing (read: OMGWTFMegaTilt) wiped out a small profit and I ended up with $45.

Last night I went to cash it out. Figured I'd pay the cell phone bill with it, thanks Party.

No dice. Minimum cashout amount for Neteller (and every other method it looks like) is $50.


Must win five bucks. Took what I needed to a $25NL table with hopes of doubling up. Lost it when my A6s in an unraised pot flopped an ace and two hearts. I even added a gutshot on the turn, but no luck on the river (and no luck pushing out a bigger ace). Min-Rebuy!

Hey, what's this? AA. Push!

Oops. Stacked by 66. Nice hand sir. Min-Rebuy!

Bullied a couple of even shorter stacks, and picked up a few bucks. Still down, though. Bored.

Over to the Cryptos for a little microlimit PLO. Doubled up in the second orbit when double-suited in hearts and diamonds. All red board, with the river making me a nut flush. Sorry your bottom set didn't hold up, pal, but thanks for calling me a fish.

Just enough to be up for the night, I quit. I'll have to give Party another try, maybe I can get above $50, or perhaps I'll just blow the money on SnGs or play PLO with it until I go busto.

Stupid Party.


Not much else going on around here, and I don't have any deep poker thoughts for anyone who happens to have read this far. I had written out a post about this weekend, but decided it was a little too, um, introspectivelystupidlyretarded.

So let's leave it at this: It feels damned good to perform under pressure every once in a while.


DuggleBogey said...

Just deposit $50 and then withdraw $95?

on_thg said...

That assumes one has the $50.

Which means I'll be trying again to run it up.

Drizztdj said...

introspectivelystupidretarded posts are the best to get out.

FatBaldGuy said...

Man, I wish I could pay my cell phone bill with just $45.