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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


No poker content. No poker has been played. And since it's now been a year sans cable, none has been watched, either. That won't stop me from posting like a donkey anyway, so let's get on with it:

I noticed on my calendar that yesterday was 'Holocaust Rememberance Day'. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty confident that HRD is not a Hallmark Holiday.

Today, of course, was 'Administrative Professionals Day', i.e. Secretary's Day. I think they changed the name just so nobody had to worry about where to put the apostraphe. Or spell apostraphe. I'm too tired to care if I'm right.

Is there ANY commercial tagline that isn't improved with the addition of 'bitches!' at the end? I think the addition might even save McDonald's and their "I'm Lovin' It" campaign from the wrath of Bobby Geezer.

I really should change careers and get into advertising. I mean, someone out there decided that a Bill Clinton impersonator up against a GW Bush impersonator answering 'Jeopardy'-style questions about buying a Kia would be a good idea. Let's ask -- where can you get a deal? 'Clinton' answers "Who is Manuel Noriega"? Dope joke follows. GOLD!

I'm constantly amazed that people get paid for this kind of crap. I'm clearly doing something wrong.

But that's okay.

I have quite a few other thoughts rattling around upstairs, but I don't want to be held responsible for anyone's bleeding eyeballs. Laters.


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Huge Junk said...

"...Call Sam Bernstein...Bitches!"

You may be on to something.