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Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm A Fool

Happy April 1 to all. I had good intentions of joining in on Drizz's idea to parody your favorite blogger, but I'm way, way short of the necessary ambition to do so. Besides, my whole blog is kind of a self-parody - a sad, pathetic joke.

I haven't posted often lately, in large part because I haven't been playing much. I withdrew virtually all of the bankroll -- thanks to a pretty solid stretch of bonus chasing from December through February it was a decent sum, if not exactly huge -- and took care of some of life's not-so-little expenses. I no longer have enough in play to dabble in tournaments or to tackle the non-microlimit games.

It may not matter all that much, really.

My "home" of late has been the microlimit Pot Limit Omaha tables, and they've been pretty kind. I think I mentioned that I got killed a week ago Friday, in a short session that wiped out at least a week's worth of grinding. Happily, I had a *very* good night last night and recovered all those losses and then some. The downside is it takes *forever* to clear a bonus at these stakes. I've played a couple thousand hands and still have only cleared 60% of my March Interpoker bonus.

But at least PLO remains fun, so I'll continue playing, even if I'm winning or losing a dollar or two at a time.

I really shouldn't bother with the two card games. I had a token that I'd been hoarding on Full Tilt and decided to use it on the 17k guaranteed. What a waste. I went out at the end of the first hour on the FIRST hand I'd played outside the blinds. AJo in EP proved to be non-golden, running into a softly played AKo. Otherwise, and this is no joke, I folded every single hand. Nothing even close to playable, even in position. I also had a very good time playing $0.05/$0.10 NL with a host of bloggers, including Pauly, Derek, CJ, Wwonka, DeadMeek, Jaxia, Drizz and I'm probably forgetting others. Aside from running KK into Derek's AA and dropping an entire buyin it was a success -- I was able to steal quite a few pots with absolutely nothing. Ended up down.

So that's the state of the poker union.


I meant to post this earlier, but ... Want to make like Pauly and Spaceman and your other blogging heros & cover the WSOP? Poker Listings is hiring!

Link to posting is here


Lots of tournaments worth checking out. Iggy is having another blogger WSOP satellite this week. Easycure has set up a charity tournament called "Hammer Out Cancer". Jordan from HighOnPoker and TripJax have joined forces with Wil Wheaton to offer a WSOP satellite on PokerStars. Biggestron has a WPBT Stud tournament coming up. Go check 'em out. Playing with bloggers = fun. Do it if you can.


As you'll note from the sidebar, this here blog has a new sponsor. I'm happy to promote Pokersourceonline -- I've done a few of their promotions and been very satisfied with their service. I got a couple of sets of poker chips and a bunch of Amazon gift certificates out of the deal. Yeah, PSO basically paid for Christmas. So if you want to get stuff for doing what you do anyway (play online poker), check them out. If you don't, you don't. No big deal.


I got a snail mail invitation from Noble Poker yesterday to play in a $10,000 freeroll this weekend. Since I'm not one to look a gift freeroll in the eye -- how's that for a warped cliche? -- I'm signed up. I may not get to play, since it is (of course) on Sunday afternoon when I usually have other commitments.

The real topper this week was a reminder email I got from a site I no longer bother to play at -- 7 Sultans. That's the site I used to give 90% or more of my play and where I won my first tournament. The email they sent was to say 'hey! You have $4 on our site! Don't let it go to waste! We have SnGs starting at $0.75 + $0.25!'.

Four bucks. Thanks for the reminder.

If I were Scott Mc, I could turn that into thousands in no time flat. Since I'm not, it's probably just going to sit there until I get really, really bored and decide to play some uberdonkey microlimit holdem.


Okay, I've e-babbled on long enough, I've had lunch, and it's time to get back to trying to get the house in order. Have a good weekend, and none of the above is in any way an April Fools Joke.


danny said...

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TripJax said...

"out of respect to my greatness in poker please link to my blog"

best line ever.

danny needs to comment more often.

hey, thanks for the pimpage. hopefully you'll play our "two card" game...

Grog said...

"Context is the background something comes from like my context is that of being awesome."