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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Going, Going

Wow, 93 runners in Iggy's blogger WSOP satellite. That's great. And if you didn't need additional proof that Iggy is the man, he kicked in some extra money to award two seats. Amazing. Dare I say go use Bonus Code: IGGY on Party Poker?

I had a semi-vacation day yesterday, so I spent a couple hours in the afternoon trying to run up the couple bucks I had on Stars to enough for a buyin. I tried a FellKnight style rampage, but the cards just did not cooperate. In three plus table hours, I saw one pocket pair higher than fives and AQo once. Hard to push when you're getting junk. Tried a little microlimit PLO as well, and again had no success. Maybe I should have tried a turbo SnG. Oh, well.

Gave it up and watched the first hour or so. T5000 starting stacks? Wow. No wonder it took almost all night.

Congratulations to Lucko21 and Wes from Huntsvegas Poker.

Oh, and Gary C? I feel for you. Been there. Nice going, even if you didn't get paid.

Nice jobs as well by Maigrey, TripJax, SoxLover and ... the Poker Champ. I would have liked to stay up to watch longer, but ... nah. Sleep was a much better idea.

Last, but not least, kudos to the mad genius behind the Poker Champ. Well done.


TripJax said...

It was a great time, though I'm paying for it today.

And don't forget GCox who had the roughest position...most time spent at table with no WSoP seat...bubble.

He deserved it to. Oh well. The guys that won deserved it to.

GaryC said...

Thanks buddy, it was indeed a tough spot to be in, but I consider myself lucky to have made it that far, so it's all good.

Thanks again,