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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poker? Jamais!

Commence randomness.

Going to lunch today, I spotted a great bumper sticker on the back of a minivan. I didn't get a picture (too slow with the camera phone), but here it is in T-shirt form:


I also just received a Nigerian bank scam email. In French. Okay, technically it was a Benin/Cote d'Ivoire scam, and for some reason the return email address was from an Italian ISP. It's still a Nigerian bank scam email.

Should I be flattered that my services are worthy of a 25% share of US$36,000,000?

I'm almost (but not quite) bored enough to set up a random free email account and to try to establish a running dialog with the scammer. I've seen a few posted here and there and some of them are gold. I think my angle would be to switch languages (with a little help from Babelfish) periodically. Maybe see if I can convince him/her that I'm Russian mafia or something. I think the exchange would end with a report of the demise of the original correspondent in a tragic motorcycle accident outside Copenhagen.

Yup, not quite bored enough. But it's an idea.

1 comment:

DuggleBogey said...

Yeah? Well I won the "lotterie Espania!"

So there! Nyah!