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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Huge! (This post is not about Junk)

Huge announcement coming!




(wait for it)



Okay, I lied. I have no announcement. I'm just bored and figured hey, why not go along with the crowd. Lots of big blogger news set to break on Friday or thereabouts for whatever reason.

I've got an idea or two, but I'm probably wrong. For the sake of those involved, I hope I'm right.

Now please ignore me and go read about Drizz's great idea for April 1.


On the poker front, I actually have a desire to play at the moment, so it's probably going to be an online blowout tonight. You'll most likely find me at microlimit PLO sites all over teh place. It might be time to retry the Omatard Challenge.


Another in the endless stream of ripoff sites -- appears to be that and nothing much more. Reprints of content from Up4Poker, Poker in Arrears, Poker Kipper's Way, probably a couple others.

My question: Why? I can understand (not agree with, just understand) why a shill site would want to rip off content. But why do it otherwise?


CJ said...

hmmm... on your last question, I'm not sure either. However, if he steals our content long enough, it could help boost his google ranking to a level at which the page could be more valuable. Not sure...

TripJax said...

this is the 4th or 5th site ganking my shit...such bs...

DrChako said...

YoSoyVeneno and I had a bunch of our stuff stolen, too. I don't get it.