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Saturday, March 25, 2006


So I hear there's this elite eight of bloggers spending the weekend taking casino money in Vegas and crashing a poker-related party at the Playboy Mansion. Good for them.

I think I'll play online and also express my solidarity with the boys by going down to the bar tonight and hitting on unattainable women. Unsuccessfully, of course.

Should be roughly the same experience.


I received a reminder last night why playing PLO on a short bankroll is not the best idea. It boils down to me missing virtually every draw, while my opponents hit virtually every draw. I finally got stacked in the "big" game when I got my money in on the turn with the nut straight with a redraw to yet a better straight. One opponent made the call -- correctly, since he'd led out and it was only a few bucks more -- with the sucker straight and nut flush draw. I'm ahead 75/25, he hits the flush, I lose. Dodge that, and I'm even.


Pretty much nothing else to say except TGITMFW.

1 comment:

Brad aka The Kid said...

how nice would it have been to be chillin at the playboy mansion. Must be nice. I was wondering if you would put my blog on your blogroll. I have yours on mine and was hoping you would do the same. Thanks a lot man.

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