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Friday, March 17, 2006

All Apologies

Sorry, CJ.

I owe CJ an apology because I singlehanded caused the Syracuse Orangepeeps to flame out of the first round of the NCAA tournament.

That's right, they didn't lose due to lousy play, the questionable coaching stylings of J-Boe (pronounced "J Bay" for those not in the know), G-Mac's tender hammy or the stellar effort of the Texas A&M crew.

I say they lost because of me.

I made one and only one wagering selection on the first round. Syracuse over A&M. Sound reasoning behind that pick. They were giving one point. They have the power of the luckbox behind them. They're from some conference that got 8 teams into the tournament. Did I mention that they have the luckbox?

It turns out that my anti-luck is overpowering. Crushering. Down go the Orangepeeps. Oops.

Sorry, CJ. I'll be sure to not wager on any of your horse selections this weekend in an effort to make up for it.


I took the time to check out the collected blog feeds harvested by All In Magazine (credit to I was pleased to find that I'm not one of the "Top 200" poker blogs.

Interesting selections, though. You have the late, much lamented Snailtrax blogspot address. The Poker Pundit, who's posted twice since Labor Day '05. The retired Ed from Openers. The wrong address for Ten Mile, which is now a shill site of some sort. And that's just a sampling.

It's almost like they didn't put any time into actually LOOKING at any of the blogs that are being harvested.

Oh, wait.

They probably didn't. Which is almost as obnoxious as the idea to swipe feeds for commercial benefit in the first place.

Flying below the radar can be a good thing -- yessir, at this moment, I'm almost proud to suck.


TenMile said...

"I'm almost proud to suck." Hoo!

It is interesting that a site that wants company from bloggers could do so badly in terms of getting along.

CJ said...

You're absolved of all responsibility. It's not your fault :-)

TripJax said...

i guess i'm naive...check out my comments over at nicks blog and let me know what you think...