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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Peep Content Yes, Poker Content Not So Much

I fell asleep at my desk today.


Once this morning, once this afternoon. Between the two, I lost a good thirty or forty minutes. I'm pretty much at a loss as to why. I managed a pretty decent seven hours last night.

Could be anything, but I'm going to say the most likely cause is a deadly cocktail of boredom and ennui.


I wrote a lengthy post in my head earlier this evening while loading the dishwasher. It was all about how I've spending way too much time wandering around in my own head, the ongoing battle between good and evil being fought nearly every moment of my existence (evil is way ahead on points), how the biggest obstacle I have to success is myself, why I've been thinking much of the time about various doom scenarios, the feeling of being at an utter loss for purpose and meaning in life, that sort of thing.

When I sat down to commit it to virtual paper, I decided that nobody would really want to read it, and it would be better if I just let things go. Oddly enough, that decision made me feel better.

For the moment.


On the lighter, fluffier side of things, for some reason the idea of a Marshmallow Peep Diorama Contest amuses the hell out of me. The St. Paul Pioneer Press runs one, with entries due by April 3.

Here's one example. I had a link to a site with a bunch of photos from previous contests, but I lost it. Even Google is letting me down here, although it did find for me these people, who run a "peep off", including both dioramas and {shudder} a peep eating contest. And if you're into hot peep-on-peep action...

I don't know if I'll enter, but I killed a few minutes today coming up with a design, and I picked up a package of PEEPS at Meijer along with a frozen pizza on my way home. So I'm armed and dangerous. If I get bored, maybe this weekend.

Yay for Peeps (tm)!


This talk of Peeps must be a good thing, because while I was "writing" it, I won a single table Peep SnG. Had aces THREE times. WTF? That's like a week's worth in one little half hour tourney.

Now I just have to decide which $24+2 MTT torturefest I'm going to play. Maybe tomorrow night's $16k guaranteed?

Peeps, out.


TripJax said...

"I decided that nobody would really want to read it."

I would want to read it...

Chris Halverson said...

It figures that my hometown paper runs the peep sex thing :)