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Monday, February 27, 2006

Party Till You're Broke!

It's either the latest promotion from Party Poker or somebody's goal in life.

Speaking of goals in life, one of mine is to continue to induce laughter, chuckles and the occasional guffaw by updating PokerComix once a week. Since today is Monday all day, that means it's time for another update.

This week we have a debut from Drizz, another outstanding comic from Heafy, DuggleBogey's latest poker comic, and one more go-round from myself. If you can't be artistic or funny at least you can be persistent, that's my motto.

I played exactly zero hands of poker yesterday. It may have been the first day of 2006 in which that was the case. I'm not sure about that, but it's likely. Due to scheduling, I was unable to be home to play in the Suckout on Leukemia tournament -- way to go to all who did. I hate never being able to take shots at Sunday tournaments.

Honestly, I was a little burned out yesterday after playing too much on Saturday -- I had decided to shake off some rust and trot out a round of tournament games. That started with the big $2,000 WSOP freeroll. 42 players were eligible. 16 showed up. SIXTEEN. Three places paid - $1,000, $600 and $400. Incredible.

Of course I managed to play horrendous (with a capital H) poker. I struggle short handed, and it was 4-6 man tables. It didn't help that I either got no action or whiffed completely when I got into a hand. Just brutal. I finished 12th. Followed that up by bombing out of a Full Tilt $6k guarantee when I took a coin flip way too early in the proceedings (AKs v QQ) and lost most of my stack.

Refocused and won two tokens via MPS satellites (in 3 attempts). Hit a $10 HORSE tournament and busted just short of the bubble. Shortstacked with K2/A in Razz, I pushed my couple hundred remaining chips out there ... and made a boat. Yeah.

One more time, this time the 14:00 Double Stack tournament. Played decently, but never accumulated a huge number of chips. Facing an "M" of about 4, I pushed with QQ UTG. Big blind woke up with KK. I get a Q on the flop. He gets a K on the turn. I don't hit my 5 outer on the river and IGHN.

I intended to play the $16k (or $19k or whatever it is) at Full Tilt later in the evening with my other token, especially since there were about a dozen bloggers playing, but I didn't. I'd had enough.


I thought I'd take tonight off too, but I just realized that I need to finish clearing another Crypto bonus by tomorrow evening, so I better get cracking on that since I still need 200 odd MPPs.

For that reason, I'm going to sign off here instead of posting other random crap, including musings as to why there was a whole fresh pineapple in the planter outside my office building and a cowboy boot stuck upside down on a stick in the parkway on a nearby street. It's just a working hypothesis, but could it be that the world is going to hell in a handbasket?

More cliches and badly written crap later.

Oh, one more thing... the Poker Champ has accepted the "Champ v. Chicks" challenge -- Wednesday on Pokerstars under private tourneys. If you are a chick or know any chicks with poker skillz, why not play and see if you have what it takes to bust the Champ? Password is 'blogsareghey', I believe. Please, chicks only, because as someone I know says, "chick's rule" (sic intentional). See Wes aka Boobie Lover for details.


Drizztdj said...

I think Skalankisms have a certain comic value that only a handful of people on earth can appreciate.

Thanks for posting the comic Mike :)

cc said...

What a freeroll--how painful to crash and burn in it! Keep cranking.