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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Inventing New Ways

New ways to lose, that is.

I lost a Sit-n-Go to the clock today.

I went back to the track today for a little more charitable donating. I played the first tournament (more on that in a moment), then on a whim decided to play one of the "Lightning" SnGs.

$10 buyin for T1800. Blinds started at 100/200 and increased every ten minutes. Retarded poker at its finest.

We're down to the final two, and thanks to some unusually solid play and timely hands I have the chip lead by about 2-1, maybe even a little better. We're on the last level of blinds, 800/1600. I have Jh 9h in the big blind. The smaller stack pushes and I call. He says "you got me. Total bluff".

He has 92o. Rrrrrr. I can't even look.

Naturally he turns a two and I don't catch a Jack.

He takes the chip lead.

And he manages to stall out the remaining 8 minutes of the level to win. These goofy SnGs are time limited to an hour. I push every hand, but can't pick up enough chips to retake the lead. The clock runs out and he wins by TKO.

At least I got my buy-in back.

Played a little 3/6 as well and went up and down, up and down. I once again couldn't get a big hand to hold up, going 0-1 each with aces, kings and AKo (I even flopped an ace). Ended up down when my flopped OESD missed for the millionth consecutive time. I did manage to tilt a guy when I raised with the hammer, turned a 7 and beat his A3o. Good times.

A lot of the same people were there again today, plus a good turnout for the tournaments. They had 80 for the first one, about the same for the second and I have no idea about the third. Plus the cash games and retard satellites.

The tournament structure was actually pretty decent. T4000 to start, blinds starting at 25/50 and pretty good levels. I lost most of my stack during level 2 on what turned out to be a bad read. Maybe you'd do better:

I have 52o in the big blind. Three limpers, the small blind folds.

Flop Ad 4d 3s. I check, EP limper bets out T500. Two folds. I think there's`a good chance the limper is playing an ace (of whatever strength). I call. Yeah, I know, this was a mistake.

Turn is the Kd. I check again, EP bets T500 again. I decide this means he likely has an ace, possibly with a diamond kicker, like AJo, ATo or A9o. If the river bricks, I can take him. I call. (Mistake #2).

River is a blank. I check. (Mistake #3). EP overbets the pot. I stick with my read, call and lose to 83d. (Mistake #4).

Misplayed on every street, although I still think the read made sense. For one, there was the leadout on the flop -- who leads at a pot with three players behind holding bottom pair and a weak flush draw? For another, you have both the Ad and Kd on the board. The small turn and large river bets could have every well been the sign of AK.

I'm not busted, but I am short. With a "M" of about 3, I push Q9s. Guy to my left wakes up with AA and I do not suck out.

I may hit the games up again some time, but I definitely suck at live poker. Too loose and decidedly unlucky -- two of my big hand losses today were to rivered gutshots, the third to river trips with bottom pair.

That's probably all the poker content (and whining, woo hoo) you'll get this week.


TripJax said...

where are these lightning sng's at?

btw, looks like i'm picking up a Mazda5 tomorrow morning. got a sick deal and i still can't believe it. we wanted a pacifica, but we're get the same amount of car (if not more) for 10k less. that's right up my ally. and it drives like a friggin' charm. again, thanks for your help...

davidtgrmi said...


I have been reading these poker blogs for awhile now, good stuff. I stumbled upon yours and realized we live near each other. I'm in GR. I wasn't aware of GLD running poker over there. Have you seen They list and run games each weekend locally.
Keep up the good work, you bloggers are some fuuny shit. Maybe see you across the felt sometime.

DrChako said...

Please remember, I suck at poker.

That said, here is my take on your flopped straight.

Calling the first EP limper bet is not that big a mistake. Sure, in retrospect, you MAY have won the pot with an all-in or pot-sized bet, but a 4-flush is gold, and it's likely to be either called or re-raised.

With the 3rd diamond on the board after the turn, you have to suspect something fishy when EP bets again. I agree your call was a mistake. Sure, we all make reads and stick with them, but you MAY have been able to define your hand with a raise here. Either that, or fold.

Hats off to a good overbet from EP on the river. HIS read was that you had a decent hand (call-call meant you had a good hand, but probably not a bigger flush), and you were likely to either call or fold.