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Monday, February 20, 2006

I Ask The Stupidest Questions & Mourn Has An Idea

Why is it that this retarded radio station I've been listening to will play The Boomtown Rats song "I Don't Like Mondays" six days a week and yet they refuse to play it on, well, Mondays?

That reminds me. It's Monday -- at least for the next 38 minutes -- and you know what that means: Time for another Pokercomix update. This week we have another great comic from Heafy, DuggleBogey's poker comics (two this week), and a new one from yours truly. Thanks for the submissions!


Not much else going on since my bumbling effots at playing live poker. I played about two orbits on a Crypto site yesterday. I was recognized by a reader (hey ZB) and attempted to chat, but I had to get up every other hand to go baste the chicken I was roasting for dinner. Finally gave up. Went back tonight and finished clearing the bonus. I really like the 25 GBP monthly bonuses and have had good luck at the Cryptos (with only one exception). I was running hot, but screwed up a couple hands and bled most of my gains back. Old story. I never quit when I should.


Greetings also to DavidT, who commented on my last post and put in a link to They have information on a pretty good number of charitable poker tournaments in West Michigan, so if you're looking for a game, this might be worth a look.

This reminds me, the website for the outfit that ran last weekend's games at Great Lakes Downs is at In addition to the weekly Thursday and Friday night cash games at the track, this week they're running a tournament and cash games on Saturday in Grand Haven to benefit the North Ottawa Rod and Gun Club.

I'm tenpted to go and try no limit 7 card stud, just for the hell of it. I wonder if $20 will be enough.



Speaking of really good ideas, this is something you need to get behind: The quest to get PokerStars to add $0.10 rebuys.

Think about it. Ten cent REBUYS. PURE insanity. I'd probably rebuy at least 20 times in the first hour. Maybe fifty.

Low cost donkey poker goodness. This NEEDS to happen. Please join the email campaign.