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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I've noticed from reading the local papers lately that the horse track just up the road (Great Lakes Downs) has been hosting quite a few weekend poker games lately. These are all "charitable gaming" productions, tournament style, and which typically have an insane amount of juice. I haven't been up to one to check it out.

This weekend is different. Not only are they running games Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they're advertising cash games. I didn't know you could do that under our state's draconian gaming regulations. 3/6 and 5/10 limit.

I still probably won't go, seeing as (a) I don't have much of a bankroll, and (b) the rake is 10% to $5. Ouch.


Good night at the tables. I reloaded a few bucks into Stars for the Wil Wheaton tournament and managed to finish 5th. Not a huge cash, but fun.

Did that while playing a few tables on InterPoker (plug), where I'm almost done with the $100 monthly bonus. I've made more money at Interpoker than anywhere else this year. Which isn't saying all that much since I don't play above $2/$4, but it's not insignificant either.

On that cheery note, it's way later than I planned to be awake, so I'm out of here.


SirFWALGMan said...

Congrats on the 5th, you deserve it. Cya next time. I am spiteful and petty but I am glad Emt did not make the money. lol.

Drizztdj said...

I think I need to reboot Interpoker, made a handful of cash there clearing bonuses while playing against the same PLO8 players everyday.