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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Alpha Time

Since it's Monday somewhere Steve Fossett has been lately, that must mean it's time for another Pokercomix update. This week we have DuggleBogey's latest and three new doodles from yours truly. Check 'em out.


Speaking of comix, I have been checking out some of the online sites that let you create comics without doing all the artwork. I was motivated to do this by an email from BG with a site that'll turn instant messaging exchanges into art form.


A few of the other comics submitted have also used comic creators. Nothing wrong with that (barring copyright issues) -- I probably should, since my drawing skillz rank well below those of most second graders.

Some of the other sites I've checked out so far:

This has potential for hours of fun.


On the subject of hours of fun, yeah, I got in a few hours at the tables this week. I cleared the Paradise reload and lost $25 in the process, thanks to having AA cracked by 92o, K-rag and some other random hand, all at a the one $2/$4 table I tried. Guess I should have stuck to the $1/$2. Oh, well.

I hit a PLO8 MTT on Full Tilt last night with Chad, Drizz and Mourn. Despite playing almost no hands and successfully sucking out twice in the first hour just to stay alive, I ended up finishing 6th, busting (predictably) on a donkeyesque battle of the blinds. Especially considering that the buyin was my last six bucks on FT, I was happy to win something for my five hour time investment.

Lots of bonus chasing yet to do this month. I've gotten started on the first Crypto of the month (scratch that, 2nd, forgot I did Will Hill), and have a couple hundred hands to go. Several more cryptos and then who knows what. Guess I should play more.


On the subject of playing more, I've been giving some thought lately to playing more MTTs. I've been playing mostly limit ring games since the first of the year, mostly due to the quest to clear bonuses and build up some kind of a bankroll. I've been modestly successful, but no really big wins. Looking back at the last year, most of my bankroll growth was the result of nice tournament scores, the ring game play was pretty close to break-even. Which isn't good enough.

We'll see if this thinking goes anywhere. $5 HORSE SnGs are a pleasant diversion, but they don't exactly grow the roll quickly.

And with that, this unnecessarily long post comes to an end and the dread of Monday can begin.


Drizztdj said...

6th? Well done!


TripJax said...

Thanks for pointing out chatfu. I used it on my brog this morning. I don't think it is PokerComix worthy, but thought you might enjoy checking it out...

Exhomeless-Guy said... let's you make over 1,000 different comic layouts, one cel at a time.