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Friday, February 24, 2006

Accidental Victory?

Like any other sad poker addict, I harbor dreams of playing in the World Series of Poker. It would be quite a thrill to join thousands of other wishful thinkers in plunking down $10,000.00 for the outside shot at winning millions.

Thankfully, I am a realist. I have neither the cash nor the game to make this dream a reasonably forseeable possibility. I'd like to win tonight's $212 million lottery drawing too, but I'm not holding my breath.


The first two months of this year have seen a significant increase in the number of sites I frequent. The primary reason, of course, is the pursuit of bonus money. I've had a little success, not a tremendous amount, but enough to keep the roll slowly headed upward. Which is a good thing, since there are things that I'll need money for coming up shortly.


I received an email today from one of the sites I've recently added to my rotation. It informed me that I'd qualified for a freeroll, one step in a journey toward a seat in the Main Event. Not bad. But then I started reading the details, and not bad got upgraded to a solid "whoa!".

This is a $2,000 freeroll and is capped at 42 players. The first five places also get an entry into a second freeroll, which looks to be capped at just over 60 players. First prize in that is the WSOP package. Five sixths of the qualifying entrants are cash game players.

You read that right. Not a cattle call. Cash prizes. WSOP seat.


Have I mentioned yet that I had no idea this promotion even existed? I mean I read the emails I get from the various sites and try to stay on top of their current bonuses, but I never had a clue that this was being offered. I just played to clear a bonus.

And to make this even more amusing, qualification was based on play. The top five cash game players each day qualify. I'm not one of those guys who 11 table the $15/$30 game. I play no higher than $2/$4, with an occasional table of $25 PLO. Two tables, three max. And yet I somehow snuck into the fifth and last place on whichever day I spent clearing my bonus.

I've won exactly nothing so far, and yet I'm oddly excited.

Good thing I didn't have other plans for tomorrow morning. Anyone got a luckbox I can borrow for a week or two?


TripJax said...

sending mojo your way win that shit.

Silver said...

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