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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Three Betting With Air

Let the reader beware, another content-less post coming right up...

Part one is, natch, all about me.

I continue to run ridiculously hot (for this donkey at least) at Interpoker. I had a bad day Tuesday (that's what I get for posting about how good things were on Monday) largely due to a couple ridiculous LHE beats, and one or two buy-in sucking awful decisions at PLO. I made it all back and then some yesterday, and had a very slightly up day today. I do think I'm getting better - I'm playing few hands, to the point of being too tight even, using position better, and my total aggression numbers are way up. Now, if I can just improve my river aggression and save bets more effectively when beat...

I figure one more day to clear the January bonus and then I can cast about for something else to try. It won't be anything but low limits, though, since much of my "bankroll" (ha ha) will be tied up ... Crypto sites require a PIN to cash out, and I hear it's supposed to be 2 weeks or so before you get one. Stupid international snail mail. I should try and figure out if you have to request it, or if it comes automatically -- anyone know? Drizz?

I've read about how people hate the Crypto software. I won't say that I love it, but it's not awful. Certainly it's better than iPoker (Titan, Noble, etc), and no worse than Prima or Party.

I WON'T advocate that you go play there -- the games, during U.S. prime time at least, are TIGHT. All bonus whores. Tonight, I had three 2/4 full ring tables up -- the TABLE VPIP%s were 18, 19 and 20. There are a couple live ones, but you're doing well to find two on the same table. I suspect things are better during Euro prime time, but hey, I have to work for a living ya know.

Anyway, enough of the me, me, me stuff. Let's talk about something else. Today's topic: THE RAKE. Here's a picture:

I know the sample sizes are small, but this is an indication of the "player friendliness" of PokerStars and Full Tilt -- LOWER RAKE. The rake number for Party is skewed $0.50 per hand or thereabouts, since almost all of those are Bad Bead Jackpot hands, but it's still higher by nearly 20%. Crypto is (surprise) the highest of the bunch. I wish I'd set up Pokerroom to save hand histories - doh! - but I hear that at the lower limits the rake is truly horrific.

No deep analysis here, just another reminder: Full Tilt and Poker Stars care. One more reason to play there. Oh, and yeah, there are plenty of fish at Party. Just not me, until they offer me another reload...


Wes said...

Crypto pin #s come automatically in the mail once you sign up at the site.

Otter Chaos said...

PokerRoom have a strange rake strategy: high percentage but capped. So something like a $0.50-$0.50 PLO8 table rakes 10% but maxes the rake at $1. Which makes avoiding tight passive tables an absolute necessity. It also makes clearing a bonus into a soul-destroying activity at the lower limits. Unless they change the cash game structure I'll be restricting my activity there to MTTs, I think.

Drizztdj said...

Wes is right, but takes a little less then a week to get to you.

I've pleaded for a new pin over the phone (via Email), but that idea was nixed by the jolly Englishman on the line.