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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Bad day yesterday.

You've had those days before. Days where your big aces catch naught but air. Where your opponent flops trips playing J3s for three bets cold preflop. Those grim times where your QQ is destroyed by someone defending his blind with 82o and passively playing it even after it boats up on the turn. You know, when the guy calling you down with bottom pair to your overpair matches up his other card on the river. All those things. And more.


Your stats can say that you're playing solid poker, but that does not guarantee a win. Variance is a mean-spirited [censored] and some days you just catch it in the junk, over and over again. Dammit.

I know, I know. This isn't news.

Part of the problem is I just don't always quit when I should. I went down early, fought back and was actually ahead. Playing solid poker. But things went cold, my concentration wavered, and the suckouts began. I passed on any number of opportunities to just shut it down and try again tomorrow.

I also clearly have some leaks that are going to (if I'm smart) keep me away from the 6-max tables for a while. I need to think about when, and against which opponents, I would be better off just saving bets instead of being aggressive.

It's a learning process, and not even I expect to be successful all the time. But bad days still suck.

Oh, and I played horribly in the DADI Special Omalympics, even if I did get to drop quads on Skitch. Sorry, man.


TenMile said...

Still, a cold deck is a cold deck.

skitch said...

No problem man. I don't blame you for sticking in there... you Turned the open ended straight draw too! :)

What's funny was I had the check/fold button clicked and was surprised no one took a shot at it on the Turn. Then that Ace fell and I almost didn't get to unchecking the button in time...

I've seen the overzealous instacall or out-of-turn-all-in during plenty of live tourneys, but this was the first time I've truly experienced it online. I could have sworn I saw your raise all-in before I even got around to finishing my action!