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Monday, January 16, 2006

Fun With Numbers

I think I've previously admitted that the first poker book I ever read was the execrable "Play Poker Like The Pros" by Phil Hellmuth, Jr.

Among the more memorable parts of the book was Phil's recommendation that beginners only play his "Top 10" hands, AA-77, AK and AQ.

For kicks, I decided to pull up Pokertracker and a spreadsheet, to see what would have happened if I'd only played Phil's top 10. I used about 15,000 hands of 2/4 for data.

Results, all hands: Plus 0.44 BB/100 (lousy, but positive)
Playing only Phil's "Top 10": Minus 2.97 BB/100

Conclusion: Bad advice plus my lousy poker skillz would have equalled disaster in '05. Good thing I'm bullheaded like that.


other1 said...

Playing poker like it says to in a book only works if everyone you are playing with has read the same book.

mike said...

after reading that book, it screwed with my play so bad, that i had to forget everything i read...

BSN said...

That bastard cost me $100.