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Saturday, January 07, 2006

From the Duh! Files

Further proof that I'm an idiot... As if you needed it.

I didn't know you could get rakeback on top of the bonuses at Interpoker. Not a huge loss, but it would have been a free fifty or so. Doh! Interpoker is done, with a nice win plus the two bonuses.

I won't be making the same mistake at the other Cryptos. This will be the first time I've experimented with rakeback, but at least for these sites, rakeback would be nothing more than gravy, so it won't be a killer if it doesn't work out.


I also started working a new project today. Details later -- it's nothing huge, but it's something to fill my spare time -- as things come together.


Then again, I'd happily set that project aside for a new job... Too bad I don't have any discernable skills!


I had a couple dozen more raked hands to clear Interpoker and decided to play a little PLO8. I am such a mrono. I can't be tossing away fifties like that.

Then again, it was a matter of pride to push when I flopped a boat with 72XX -- flop was 227. I get called by an Omatard with 42XX, s/he gets running 4s for the "bigger" boat. Rrrrrrr.

Bad idea. O8 is a Very Bad idea.


Then again, limit HE is saving my bacon.

You know you're living a charmed existence when you find a really, really fishy 2/4 6-max table and run over it to the tune of +10BBs/100 for about two hours...

especially when you do not have a SINGLE pocket pair hold up...

Which isn't such a big deal, really, since you didn't receive even ONE pocket pair bigger than 88....


Running good is fun.


TripJax said...

"From the Dohl! files."

Must give project details...I'm all about hearing about and doing projects...

Drizztdj said...

O8 is a gOOOOOOd idea. Tap me on the shoulder next time and I'll pull up Interpoker to point out the regulars and how they play.