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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Deep Fried Post On A Stick

If it's Monday, that must mean it's time for another Pokercomix update!

{please don't notice, please don't notice, please don't notice .... dammit!}

Yes, I know. It's not Monday. What can I say, I've been away.

Anyhow, this week we have new comix from BG, Heafy, Donkeypuncher and the latest from DuggleBogey. Check 'em out, and thanks for the submissions!


Not much poker played lately, which has been good for my bankroll. I lose less money when I don't play. Although I had a nice short session on Full Tilt last night. Happiness is flopping middle set, having it capped on the flop, having your opponent raise you on the turn and check behind on the river only to show no pair, no draw, queen high.


Then again, happiness might well be having an employee you'd dearly love to fire leave first for a different job. This hasn't happened, but I can hope.


It's really annoying trying to type a post with this many 'o's when the letter o on the laptop keyboard is sticking.


All you participants in the Drunk Olympics and other lovers of cheese might want to take notice of this week's Menards flyer -- check out this deal:

That's right, almost FIVE pounds of cheesy goodness for six bucks. You can't beat that with a stick.


Speaking of food and sticks, I'm not sure which amuses me more, know-it-all journalists who try and fact-check their stories, or those who try and fail.

Stay with me.

I had the unusual circumstance of time to read the Detroit Free Press yesterday. For thse who don't know, I live outside of Grand Rapids, which, being on the other side of Lansing, may as well be Siberia for all the Detroit papers care.

The front page of the "Local" section featured an column on politics -- in this case a review, of sorts, of Governor Jennifer Granholm's "State of the State" address.

Random aside: The state of the state is "crap". Anyone with a pulse knows that.

Anyhow, the columnist's take on the speech was ... "[m]y evening was occupied by a single, intriguing question: What is a Pronto Pup?". This a question only the media would be asking, since it refers to a line the governor actually dropped from her speech, up against a commercial break and short on time.

It will not surprise you to learn that the author had never even heard of the Pronto Pup. Not to be deterred, he started digging, since "Pronto Pups apparently are, in the Governor's estimation, emblematic of the Michigan 'middle-class way of life' she is pledged to protect". Yeah, I can see how the ultimately un-uttered line about "vacationing on Lake Michigan, eating a Pronto Pup hot dog on the beach with sand in between your toes" could make this tasty treat seem emblematic.

How does an important journalist check his facts?

"An impromptu survey of those at the Capitol for the speech showed that I was not alone. By my estimation, maybe one in 10 Michiganders have encountered the Pronto Pup, which is apparently well-known in Grand Haven because of a stand on the public beach there. It is most often described as a corn dog."

Perhaps among journalists that number is fewer than 1 in 10. The home of the world famous Pronto Pup is a stand located not really close to the public beach, as in a brisk fifteen minute walk away, downtown.

Come on over some day, Dawson Bell, and I'll personally buy you a deep-fried battered hot dog on a stick. It'll have be after May 1, though, since the only time during the winter you can get one is the third weekend in January -- when the Pronto Pup people raised more than $3,000 for the local high school choir.

P.S.: The Pronto Pup is not only not just a corn dog, it is also well-known in Holland, Zeeland and at least half of Muskegon County. Just so you know.


Now I'm hungry, so post over. Welcome back J. Speaker, don't quit Mourn, get busy Easycure ... other thoughts to come as they randomly pop into my head.


Drizztdj said...

I make it a thing to have at LEAST one Pronto Pup at the Minnesota State Fair (home of all things on a stick).

Now I want one damnit.

DuggleBogey said...

There's a typo in your URL for PokerComix, it goes to PokeComix.

Which would be a completely different kind of comics, if it existed!

on_thg said...

As a fan of just about anything deep-fried (the stick is just gravy), I have to agree that the Minnesota State Fair is pretty much grease nirvana.

And the broken link is fixed - thanks for pointing it out!

BG said...

No mention that it was your punchline in my comic? Credit where credit is due, that was awful funny.

Easycure said...

I am so busy already....what do I need to get busy with now?