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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Directly to Overload

Pushed it pretty hard last night, and I'm feeling the effects.**

I blame TripJax, of course. Sure, it's just going to be a quick little tournament, 20 or 25 people, won't take long at all.

Right. You turkey.

I kid. Thanks to TripJax (and Jordan from High On Poker, who I think had some hand in this) for a fun game. 60-odd people turned out, making for a little over 3 hours of good times.

Despite paying almost no attention for the first hour and a half (reason follows) and having to surrender the hammer and my personal favorite, 97o, a couple times to re-raises or pushes, I still managed hang around, get a few good hands, and make the money. All the way to 5th, in fact, when I had the misfortune to run KK into the AA held by an increasingly notorious junk grabber and ultimate winner. Doh. Nice job, Change100. I'm still happy, since I made enough to cover the entry and the two buyins dropped at the blogger PLO table.

Plus I even have enough left for an Extra Value Meal. Supersized.

Sorry, I'm easily amused. Moving on...

The evening kicked off with some efforts to finally clear the interminable Pokerroom bonus. I made it -- yay -- by three tabling for about three hours, including the first hour or so of the tournament. After yet another dreadful start, I finally had a hot streak and managed to conclude my time at Pokerroom up 5BB overall (20BB, if you don't count an ill-advised experiment with Chinese Poker) plus the bonus.

I even picked up a ticket to a $6k freeroll -- turns out it was a limit freeroll. Oof. I was almost happy when I had two monster hands cracked in one orbit and bombed out a couple hundred places short of the money.

Playing over my bankroll comfort level has been an interesting experience -- I think it's helped me play tighter and smarter, but I could do without the feeling of losing a sizable chunk of the stake every time I get rivered. I'd also like to shake this trend of not winning a hand for three or four orbits after I sit down -- knowing you've got a hole to dig out of is tiring.

I may well take tonight off and try to recharge, but we'll see. The tentative plan, cashout and time permitting, is to dump money into Stars tomorrow for a Friday/Saturday mega-session, hoping to clear out stacked up bonus money via double FPPs.

** One of the effects, of course, is extra crappiness in this blog post. I promise that I'll try to come up with something interesting to read at least once in 2006.


Drizztdj said...

Well done on the cashing last night!

TripJax said...

lol...i take full responsibility. when you are expecting 18 players and get over 60, that will def change things.

Nice to come in 5th when 60+ show up instead of only 18 though...indeed.

Good gaming Sir...

HighOnPoker said...

Full credit my ass! I like to think of us as parents, and Trip is the mother since I coddled the DADI into existence. Also, that makes Trip the mother fucker.

Congrats on placing. Keep an eye out for the DADI Special Omalympics!

HighOnPoker said...

Um, I can't write. I'm the mother was the point. Trip is the mother fucker. Proceed...