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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Time For A Challenge

I splurged today and actually bought 'SuperSystem/2'. The real question is will I ever get around to reading it? Maybe after I finish my other purchase, Barry Greenstein's 'Ace on the River'.


On a related note, for fun and as a way to focus on improving my PLO game, I play to try the “Omatard Challenge”.

This works as follows: I start at the lowest of the low, the penny PLO tables ($0.01/$0.02 blinds), with $15.00. That’s 3x the max buy-in of $5.00.

I move up any time I have 3x the max buy-in for the next level of tables:

If I drop a buy-in at any level other than the first, or if I quit a session below the minimum required for the current level, I have to move back down. I won’t move down mid-session unless it’s desirable for some reason.

In an ideal world, if successful I would conclude the challenge with $1,200. The downside is the potential loss of $15, which is (far) more probable and which I can certainly live with.

I plan on updating my progress periodically, but we’ll see how it goes. I may get bored and give up.

Day 1 results: 102 Hands, Plus $1.44, New balance $16.44 (soooooo cold decked.)


Jeremiah said...

Sounds like a great idea.. but with PokerShare closing all US accounts.. kind of makes it tough!!

Forunately, that 250 dollars came all from 5 bucks on Pacific Poker. Took some mad work though...

Drizztdj said...

What will you do w/o Cheesemind at the .02/.04 tables!?!?!?!?