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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Superdonkalicious System: A Course in Awful Poker

Mommy! The bad man over there writing a blog knows NOTHING about poker!


It's sad, but oh so true.

I could give lessons in how to play awful poker. Write a book even. For this, I blame the denziens of Titan Poker. Oh, sure, I could accept responsibility for my weak game, but that would be un-American. I'd rather blame the people that play so horribly that I've learned to just fold, fold, fold my way into the money.

Yeah, I've brought my solid D-Plus game to the Wil Wheaton invitationals the last two nights. Not even worth talking about. Let's just say I got thoroughly outplayed by 'Sweet79Chuck' and friends.


Still, let me drop some knowledge on you. This concerns one of the more underrated hands in poker, nine seven off.

I can't play many other hands with confidence, but 97o is a monster. Four for four with it last night, and I didn't even have a situation where it was dominating the Hammer.

Next up, Saturdays Getting Owned by Dr. Pauly, today at 1 PM Eastern.

Playing horrible tournament poker isn't good for the bankroll. Thankfully, however, there are always Omatards.

Omatard Challenge, Day 9 Update

Current Level: $25 PLO
164 hands, plus $32.35, bankroll balance $109.37

Running totals: 1,917 hands, plus $94.37

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TenMile said...

'Lo, Hoss. Your link to Poker Solstice does not go to Ten Mile any more.

Mile had to create a new blog and is at

I'm sorry for the inconvinence.