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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Projects and More Projects

The beginning of a new month is finding me up to my neck in projects. For one, I have resolved to actually learn something about playing poker. That means studying. For another, I hope to have a good month on the tables, so that I actually have a few bucks to bring to Vegas.

I also signed up for National Novel Writing Month yesterday morning. I have half an idea for something, I just don't know if it'll end up being long enough. Regardless, whatever I produce will probably suck, but going through the experience should prove interesting. I haven't written 50,000 words about anything in a while.

And there's always this blog. I think I may need to go to rehab or something for MS Paint addiction. Instead, I keep going back to the well. Here's the first installment of a new project:

The Complete Noob's Illustrated Poker Dictionary

{The first four images are hosted by Blogger, click for a larger version}


April said...

Nice touch with the eyes on DM.

Daddy said...

Very nicely done.