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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Happy Election Day! Democracy in action, or at least that's what the people who are trying to sell newspapers want you to believe.

Think about it, what does that democracy get you?

We end up electing a bunch of clowns who don't ever seem to do anything that makes sense. A bunch of things that people safely enjoy get illegalized (hey, it's a word if I say so) just because. We pay plenty o' taxes so they can waste the money on an endless series of studies and stupid projects.

Did I say stupid? I meant pointless AND stupid.

From today's paper (which also featured a theatre review from the Boy Genius), our state and local government at work:

* City council votes to enact a fine for people who put their trash out earlier than 5pm the night before pickup or don't remove their cans by 7pm the day of pickup. Gee, if I don't get to come home at lunch, I have to race straight home from the office so I don't get a $25 ticket. Thanks, guys (and gal)!

* City council votes unanimously to make a 4 way stop permanent on a street corner near my house - it's been that way since early summer. The thing is, there is at least a THIRTY degree slope on two sides of the intersection, no more than a car or two from the stop sign. This is Michigan. Let's do the math, you idiots: Assloads of snow + lots of traffic on that street + steep slope + four way Stop = PROPERTY DAMAGE.

* State lawmaker introduces bill to criminalize smoking in a car when children are present. Self-righteous PR-seeking health nazi expects lots of press for his move.

These people work for you and me. Ain't you proud?

That's all the opinions I'll offer on politics. I won't bore you with my thoughts on other controversial subjects -- Coke or Pepsi (Coke), the best Van Halen song (Janie's Crying and it's not close), whether we should mock the French or ignore them (both) -- this is supposed to be a poker blog.

So when I update this post later, it will have some more omatard stuff appended to it. You can hardly wait, I know.


Omatard Challenge, Day 6 results

Current Level: $10 PLO ($0.05/$0.10 blinds)
54 hands, minus $9.50, bankroll balance $34.92
{also 67 hands of $5 PLO, plus $8.06}

Running total: 1,129 hands, plus $19.92.

I may need to explain this one a bit. I started the day at Level 2 ($10 PLO). Played 20 hands, plus $1.50. I then got in 9 hands and dropped an entire $10 buyin -- I flopped the nut straight with a redraw to a higher straight, and someone aggressively played bottom set (read: was a total MORON). We got the money all in on the turn, and he caught his boat on the river. It happens. So I had to drop back down to $5 PLO to win back the $2.14 I was shy of the $30.00 minimum for level 2. Mission accomplished and then a little bit. No love on a brief followup session at $10 PLO, and I end up down a hair for the day. Better luck next time.


Human Head said...

"State lawmaker introduces bill to criminalize smoking in a car when children are present. Self-righteous PR-seeking health nazi expects lots of press for his move"

I am completely speechless,and will never utter the words "it can't possibly get any worse" ever again.

Truly new levels of idiocy on display. I love democracy!

Joe Speaker said...

use of the word "Omatard" has now been banned in seven California counties and classified as a hate crime. Alternate usages now include "Oma-challenged" and "Oma-capable."

The PC Police