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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just For Fun

This is currently my favorite Full Tilt Poker screen name:


Omatard Challenge, Day 2 Results:

Current level: $5 PLO ($0.01/$0.02 blinds)
107 hands, plus $0.51, bankroll balance $16.97 (Need to get to $30 to move up)

Only one really big pot, had to lay down on the river when the last card put a straight draw out there, I let my non-nut straight and a set go when my opponent bet the pot.


Mourn said...

Are you doing the challenge on Full Tilt?

on_thg said...

nope, Stars. I should check, though, to see what FT offers in the way of PLO...

And to see if Cheesemind plays on Full Tilt, of course.

Otter Chaos said...

I've been doing something similar at Paradise with limit O8 since I discovered an unloved $29 there.

I'd christened it the Great Paradise Omaha Eight-or-better Experiment (GPOEE) but it's just occurred to me to reinstitute it as the Great Real-money Omaha Paradise Experiment, because I have a juvenile sense of humour.

Since June I'm at a tad under 3000 hands, running at just under 3BB/100, all on $0.50/$1 so far. I'm working to a 100BB to move up schedule (I think I originally said 200 but I don't have the patience).