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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Collateral Damage

We had a little wind here night before last.

Nothing major, but I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend, at least if the snow melts. Nature blows.


I made a nice little donation to the "Send Sir Waffle to Foxwoods" fund last night, after he hit a four outer for a scoop. Lucky suckout artist. Why can't I get bricks when I *need* them?

Omaha/8 sucks.

I kid, I kid.

Nice time playing with Sir, Drizz and TraumaPoker. Stud Hi-Lo stud mohuncher even stopped in to railbird for a minute. Thanks, guys, that was fun.


Not much progress in the Omatard Challenge the last couple days. I'll post some updated numbers when I get a chance later -- two tiny, tiny wins the last two days.

Drizz, you'll be pleased to know that I doubled through our new pal BobbyBob (no relation to Bobby Bracelet) after you left. That guy continued to have his industrial-sized luckbox on max power, though, because he hit a few more hands and left up about $20. I was happy to be up less than a buck, after being stuck 2/3 of a buyin earlier.

I'm *this* close to making a breakthrough, but with such a small bankroll, I'm going to need some better fortune. Case in point:

{Warning: Hand History}

Omatard in EP raises pot preflop (read: Obviously has AAxx). Multiple callers, I call with your basic semi-garbage - K987, with the K being suited - on the button -- I like this decision due to position and the size of the pot. If I hit, I'm going to stack up significantly unless EP can get away from his hand.

Flop is K-7-2, three suited. Ding. EP raising Tard bets out, not a full pot sized bet, but enough to discourage backdoor draws (read: Yes, I do have AAxx! Anyone have a set?). Everyone else drops. PERFECT. I raise pot, tard calls putting him all-in (read: I not only have AA, I'm a f'ing idiot - with that many limpers the ace outs are probably dead).

Turn pairs the 2 giving the tard aces up. Crap.

At least I got the money in with the best of it. Maybe next time I'll be holding KKxx instead.

{/end Hand History}

The joys of PLO. I'm learning. Slowly.

1 comment:

Drizztdj said...

BobbyBob was the only reason I didn't leave last night with double my original stack.

He definitely goes on the Omatard list.