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Monday, November 28, 2005

Bobby Wins!

* and a copy of "The Big Lebowski", which I'm almost ashamed to admit I've never seen.

Congratulations, Bob, and many thanks to Pauly for one of the most enjoyable blogger events ever (at least until Vegas). Can't wait for the next one.

And happily my router suffered no damage when I tripped over the cable afterward. Such a klutz I am.



I had one of those moments today where all you can do is shake your head in wonder.

{Warning: Boring hand history}

Playing 2-4 at Pokerroom (halfway to clearing the bonus), I have KK on the button. UTG is possibly on tilt after getting a good hand cracked. He raises. MP calls. I make it 3, UTG caps, MP calls. Flop is J-9-8 rainbow. UTG bets out and reraises when I pop him. Turn 7, River 7, check-bet-call (we lose MP on the turn).

UTG flips 7-4o for runner-runner trips.


I can't explain why, but this was pretty funny even with the loss.

{/end hand history}


Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks again for playing thg!!

Drizztdj said...

You should have agreed to only play Bobby in PLO.

Excellent run though.

Daddy said...

Your name's Lebowski, Lebowski.

Human Head said...

I think the fact that you have never seen such a great movie is why you lost.

It's simply the universe correcting things. You wouldn't see the movie, so it brought the movie to you.

OR, it could just be Bobby + IPod=unfadeable :)

Nine moe days!

JasonSpaceman said...

Your wife is Bunny.