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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Challenge Update (No Content)

Omatard Challenge, Day 7 Results:

Current Level: $10 PLO ($0.05/$0.10 blinds)
437 hands, plus $40.35, bankroll balance $75.27 (time to move up again)

Running total: 1,566 hands, plus $60.27.

Good day. It's always nice to get paid off when you're holding the nuts. Got to tag a few 'tards with Drizz, we both had a good run. For some idiotic reason, I also played a Limit O/8 tournament with Drizz and (on my left) GameC. Playing Limit O/8 after so much PLO (and a NLHE tourney at the same time) made my head hurt. I really suck at O/8.

Coming up next time: Level 3, $25 PLO.

1 comment:

Drizztdj said...

I miss Cheesemind, those players at the .05/.10 tables are much tighter and not as funny.