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Sunday, October 02, 2005

What a good site! What a bad site!

My opinion of Titan Poker has yo-yoed rapidly today.

It's no secret that I don't love the interface. Frankly, it sucks. The static tourney window, the windows that refuse to stay in place when you get moved between tables, etc, etc. I could go on and on listing the things I don't like.

I also hadn't had a lot of luck playing there. That changed this weekend. The 1/2 6MAX limit tables have been squishy soft. I also finished 5th in a $5 rebuy for a decent little payday ($100). I didn't even get upset when someone called my push (with 99) holding ATo and managed to win the coin flip.

So all is well and good, right? Well, it didn't last.

I decided to hit a couple more tournaments while watching the Lions lose yet again. I managed to bust out of a $5 freezeout in a fabulous manner -- I had AA, all in preflop called by AKo and 99. As soon as I see the 9s flop a set, the software crashes. Argh. It's only down a minute or so, and I see that the game continued and I didn't resuck out.

Things look normal, so I boot up a couple 1/2 tables and play a $3 rebuy and a raked hands freeroll. I'm doing well in both tournaments, well up the first page of the leader board, when the software crashes again. This time, it won't let me log in. I send an email to support, no response yet. The tournaments are still going on, and I can't play. I get blinded down, and see that I finished 23rd and 21st. 20 places paid in each. Fuck. It only cost me $6.30, and there are no guarantees that I win anything, but the lost opportunities, when I was playing well (by my low standards and those of the supadonks who populate Titan) ticked me off.

About an hour plus later I was able to log back in. You can guess what I did, right? CASHOUT, and ASAP.

Bye bye, Titan. I'm thrilled to be cashing out with more than double what I put in, but not so thrilled that I see coming back anytime soon, except to play with the handful of bonus dollars that I expect to see hit my account from this weekend's play.

1 comment:

TripJax said...

I hope your next PSO is a better experience man!

Oh and I love those 6 max tables.