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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Kind of an odds-n-ends post.

First up: Crazy theory. I have one (or two or three). Can't let Sir F have all the goofy offbeat poker ideas, can we? Here's one for you:

I think I play better in tournaments when I'm not really paying attention

Perhaps that's because I don't have time to consider the merits of completing the SB with 9-7o or trying to steal with J-9s. Fewer donkey plays. Just fold and move along.


Despite being sure that taking the last-longer was seriously -EV, I managed to outlast Drizz, CJ, G-Rob and Maigrey in the $5 Stars PLO tourney last night. Too bad I busted out 53rd (with 45 paying) when my flopped nut straight with redraws to the nut flush and a higher straight lost to someone who also had the nut straight but a runner-runner redraw to a full house. Doh!


I bought a new cell phone today. The manual is two inches thick. Any guesses as to how long it'll be before I can do anything more challenging than answering the phone and hanging up? The over/under is currently set at 'never'.


When did it get so expensive to join the YMCA? Sheesh. You almost have to be married with 11 kids to make it a reasonable value.


Okay, that's it, back to work.


Gamecock said...

I absolutely and totally agree about the tournaments. A little distraction is helpful. I will still make moves, but they are generally less frequent and more logical, whereas if I pay too much attention I will get antsy and try to run over the table with bad hands.

Joe Speaker said...

Everyone always gives me a hard time about this--they think I'm kidding, I guess--but I'm a much better tournament poker player after 8 beers.

No more than 10 though, so it's a small window.

Drizztdj said...

Give me a 64 oz. Cap'n Coke and a fold button and I gua-ren-damn-tee I'm ITM at least 73.2% of the time!