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Thursday, October 27, 2005


G-Rob had a thoughtful post this week about how you really should be nice to people you don’t know and not be one of those tools who hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

My carefully thought out response?

Screw that!

I kid, I kid. He’s got a point, and a good one at that. Why do I mention it? Well, I’m glad you asked, or at least play along if you didn’t.

It’s entirely possible that one or two people out there might find the following post a bit mean-spirited. It’s not meant to be -- let me be PERFECTLY clear about that -- but anytime you call winners and losers, it’s possible that someone could be offended.

And that’s okay.

This is a post about us oma-tarrds. The use of the word “us” is deliberate I’m a card-carrying member of the oma-tarrd fraternity. I freely admit that I know almost nothing about pot limit omaha, or any Omaha for that matter, including Omaha, Nebraska. I play omaha even worse than I draw, and that's saying something. Ask any first grader.

The oma-tarrd organization is not an exclusive club. Anyone who plays the penny tables is eligible to join. We even are working on a theme song, to the tune of the old Dr. Pepper jingle:

I’m a tarrd
You’re a tarrd
Wouldn’t you like to be an oma-tarrd too?

In the post below, I happen to ‘pick on’ a couple of non-blogging fellow members, and for that I have my reasons -- Cheesemind and PokerTwit because we love them and because they’ve been known to multi-table the penny PLO game, and PotteryDog because, well, see for yourself.

Oma-tarrds they are, even if they don't know it. I’m sure I’ve got hand histories to prove it, although I admit some creative license has been taken.

Getting back to G-Rob’s post, unlike those evil anonymous people he references, I have at least some measure of accountability. You can comment below, or my email address is to the right. Offended? Send me a note. We’ll talk about it, set up a group hug, maybe sing a stanza or two of ‘Kumbaya’.

Got it? Good.

One last disclaimer: I don’t think it’s expressed or implied, but just to be clear, PokerStars and the good people who work there have absolutely nothing to do with this ‘toon. They don't endorse it or anything. Stars just happens to be where the real oma-tarrds hang out.

Okay. No more words. Let’s get on with the pictures, it's time for


NOTE: Images hosted by Blogger. Clicking will open them in a separate window, and probably give you an option to see the full original size. I swear, it would be easier just to convert the stupid things to .pdf.

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I willl not rest until this comic is syndicated in the world's finest adult magazines