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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Now What?

Decisions, decisions.

I received my Titan cashout in less than 72 hours. Not awful. They use the same hilarious email message as Noble ("Thank You For Your Withdrawal!"). Anyway, I now have a few bucks queued up to hit up another bonus.

The question is 'what next'? Or maybe more accurately, 'where next'?

There are plenty of options, including:

1. I could do another PSO promotion and earn some more points toward a gift certificate. That would probably mean signing up for Absolute or Ultimate Bet. Both appear to have decent first deposit bonuses. (By the way, if anyone signs up for PSO, do what I did and tell 'em TripJax sent you - I don't have any affiliate codes myself and don't think I'm likely to start now. Some other folks - GCox25? -- might have referral codes, too.)

2. Party is offering 'account specific' bonuses this month. I got an offer of $95 if I accumulate 840 Party Points by the end of the month. If my math is right, that's a 12x playthrough at the highest level I've ever tried there, and just under 30x at the level I usually play. It would be at least 60x at $0.50/$1.00. Pretty craptastic.

3. I got an emailed reload offer from Titan today. I would be an idiot to take this, right? I mean, I only cleared about a quarter of my initial deposit bonus, the software sucks, they haven't verified my PSO promotion yet, blah blah blah. But you know, I'm still tempted. For one, it's a 100% to $200 offer, so I'd have an absolute ton of bonus money stacked up there. For another, the players do suck (even though there do seem to be a lot of PSO guys doing promos). And for a third, they have the smaller MTTs that I prefer. I probably won't do it, but you never know.

4. I could sign up for a new, non-PSO room, like Bet365 or something. A little looking would probably find a good offer.

5. There's always playing $0.01/$0.02 PLO at Stars. Except it's not exactly profitable when some other bloggers are frequenting the tables.

If you asked me right now, Option #1 is the most promising.

Odds and Ends

I should make a list of sites I'm not likely to go back to (short of a blogger tournament or something similar). First on the list is Noble, second is Full Tilt. I've never gotten a reload offer that I can remember from Paradise or 7 Sultans, so I probably won't be back to those sites, either.

I received my first piece of poker-related junk mail yesterday - an offer for $10 free from, the result of their tie-in with Paradise.

The PokerStars blogger tournament signup list is pushing 700 names. I see a bottom 10% finish in my future. Too many real poker players on that list.

There has been a real shortage lately of people complaining in the chat box about online poker being rigged. Kind of disappointing. I may need to get busy, stoking the fires of ignorance.

I really, really, need to update the blogroll.


Drizztdj said...

Actually, gaining that many PartyPoints isn't that tough...

Are you allowed to count "bonus points" towards the amount of points needed?

If so, deposit $500, play a couple of small ring games, and wait a week for the bonus 1,000 points.

on_thg said...

Nope. Bonus points don't count.

GaryC said...

If you are looking for another PSO promotion, might I suggest BoDog. Don't know if you've already played there, but it is the easiest and fastest bonus to clear through PSO.

Absolute wasn't bad either, except you're normally playing with a bunch of rocks. Hard site for me to make money at.