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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I Will Never Understand This Stupid Game

And I mean that. Seriously. How can a horrible player like myself have any success at all? And yet it happens.

I didn't make it home in time for the Titan $5 Rebuy tonight, there were more important things to do. So instead, I played the $10 Rebuy an hour later. 128 of my pals came along for the ride.

Totals for the first hour were Hammers 3, pocket pairs 2. Fortunately I flopped a set of 7s with one of the pairs and doubled up.

Things limped along forever. I get very, very few playable hands and fold some absurdly large percentage of the time. I never have much of a stack, and once the blinds got to 300/600 and above, I never had more than about 5 BBs.

Somehow, I make it to the final table. At least I'll get my buy-in back plus a bit. There are two big stacks, three medium stacks and five short stacks. I'm about the shortest, somewhere in 3 BB territory. Two players bust, then a third. I get nothing I can play. No aces, no faces, no pairs, no sooted cards. It's a dead heat between myself and another puny stack for 6th and 7th.

I'm forced all in in the big blind first. I get 74s and it holds up.

A couple more people go out. I fold some more. Still less than 3 BBs.

I push back to back hands with 44 and A8s. Both hold up when called by a big stack. That gets me to about even with the other short stack. The two big stacks then go to war, and one gets knocked out! And the other short stack pushes, gets called and loses!

From shit to 2nd in less than an hour, without getting a single big hand. I can't believe my good fortune. It really was all luck.

Heads up, I'm outchipped nearly 10-1, have about 5 BBs, and lose shortly thereafter when the villain boats up his any two cards. I never had a chance. But who cares? That's still an awful lot of money I had absolutely no business winning. (By awful lot I mean relatively, that is. This wasn't the WSOP or anything).

Conclusion: I really ought to stop saying negative things about Titan, you know?

Now, if only I can figure out what the heck happened to my aggression in full ring limit games... the Party Bad Beat Jackpot is over $450,000 and I keep frittering away money taking shots at it.

1 comment:

Meek said...

SirFWALGman and I played the $750 guaranteed last night on Titan. These tournaments are loose. I had the same type experience. Just sit around and wait for people to be too agressive. There were 92, he made 11th, I made 2nd. Players on Titan seem to be too aggressive while the blinds are still low. I think I'll try more of these, not the rebuys though - the aggresive play is probably closer to okay there.