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Friday, September 09, 2005

RIP's First Law of Sports Betting

is this: Thou shalt NEVER wager any money on the Detroit Lions to win a game of consequence, no matter what the spread.

You can take that to the bank. Your roll will thank me.

And despite the iron clad truth of that rule, there must be people who actually bet on the Lions to win. The Vegas line for this weekend is Lions over Packers by 3. Bill Simmons from likes the Lions in this game, despite putting them in an elite group of five teams (not including the Packers) which just plain suck. Oddjack is taking the Lions and the over. This is just wrong.

I don't care how bad the Packers' defense is. I don't care how talented the Lions WRs are. All I know is that the Lions have laid egg after egg for years now. They have an undeniable and exceptional ability to come up small in big games. They shrink from a challenge faster than your sack shrinks in a minus-30 windchill. Playing the Pack is always a big game, and the Lions pretty much always play those like they couldn't beat a good high school team. Run away and fast.

If you absolutely must bet on this game, take the Packers and points. The better choice by far is to NOT bet this one, and use your money elsewhere.


Joe Speaker said...

Shame on you.

Of course, I HAD to bet the Lions since I was watching the game with Bob and he was paying for drinks.

on_thg said...

yeah, yeah.

I had no idea the Packers could possibly be that inept. If Walker doesn't get hurt, they still find a way to win the game.

Joe Speaker said...

You're right. As the Lions failed over and over to extend their lead, I'd grab Bob by the shoulders and scream, "WHY ARE THEY LETTING FAVRE HANG AROUND?!?!?!"