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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Promise Me Son Not To Do The Things I've Done

To borrow a snippet of that most hackneyed of gambling icons, Kenny Rogers' The Gambler, sometimes you've just got to know when to walk away.

I get a fair number of reminders whenever I gamble that I truly suck at knowing when to walk away. Usually, I just don't, and the results are not pretty. I periodically give thanks, even though I don't really mean it, that there aren't any card rooms or casinos within an easy driving distance. If given the opportunity to spend long hours at poker or blackjack I would undoubtedly sit way too long and lose money that should never leave my pocket.

Another object lesson last night. I got set up with Titan Poker for tonight's WPBT event (only 19 entries so far, get in now) and decided to play a little to see if I could clear some bonus money. All the full ring games were full (or empty), so I played $1/$2 6 Max. The result: Down, down, down, recovering, down, way down. I'm down about 30 BBs when I get paid off in the biggest pot of the night ... 33 flops bottom set and rivers a full house, holding up against two chasing flush/straight draws and a TPTK who hit trips with that river. I'm finally back to even. I should stop right then and there -- it's been a struggle all night long and I have not been hitting. Because I'm not good at walking away, I don't. Of course. And I proceed to put myself right back in the hole. The last few BBs were tilt, and I did recognize that and put a stop to it, but there were some fabulous opponent plays in there too.

Knowing when to quit is an important part of the mental game, and my struggles in that area are just another reason why this isn't an advice blog.

1 comment:

Meek said...

That Titan bonus is a slow clearing one, like Full Tilt. I guess that's what you get for a 100% match. I played for a week for my first $10 (maybe 15-20 table hours, I think). Anyway, see you at the tourney tonight.